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Hard-money Solutions

Solutions for Commercial borrowers

Logan Investments specializes in providing funding for many kinds of commercial projects. Our introductory rate of 10.95 % for qualifying borrowers. For a complete listing of qualifications for this type of loan please visit our qualifications page. The following is a brief list of projects that we specialize in:

Commercial Real Estate
Office Buildings
Apartment Units
Strip Centers



We offer commercial loan rates as low as 10.95% with a 55% LTV Max 3 Point Cost (Plus Closing Costs)


Add On's Include

  • FICO Below 680
  • LTV'S Higher than 55%
  • Terms Longer than 1 Year
  • 2nd Trust Deeds


Let us help you fulfilling your commercial goals lending goals by providing you the funding you need. Our experience in the hard-money lending business can help facilitate a smooth and easy closing and get you on your way.

Solutions for Construction borrowers

Logan Investments also provides equity loans for construction projects. Whether you're looking to start a new building or need additional funding to complete an on-going job, we're ready to craft a lending solution taylored your your needs. Our years of experience in the hard-money lending business will prove invaluable in qualifying for and receiving needed funds. The following is a brief list of profects that we fund:


Vacant Land



Our competitive rates for construction borrowers are detailed on our qualifications page. For a customized quote please call us today at 1-818-755-0880 and ask for Ron Sentchuck. Ron's unique understanding of construction lending allows him to quickly provide a lending solution that is cost and time-effective for your construction project.

Solutions for Residential borrowers

Equity loans are also available to residential borrowers. Logan Investments is committed to helping borrowers looking for solutions to their borrowing needs. We're here to provide funding when others pass. What distigushes our lending philsophy from that of banks or traditional brokers is our focus on how much you're willing to invest in your own property. When evaluating your application for a loan we mostly consider the Loan-to Value (LTV) ratio. The lower the LTV the better your chances of qualifying for an equity loan from Logan Investments.

More information on residential equity loans can be obtained by contacting us at 1-800-757-3070.


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We work to get you the best loan possible.
Our qualification process is simple and fast!